Monday, March 14, 2016

biking and running

It's been continually beautiful outside since the end of February so we've been able to be pretty active outside. The day after I fell on my face we all went for a bike ride. 

Terry ran and we followed him along the bike path on our bikes. I pulled the two littles and got a decent workout. When we were about to turn around we ran into Terry's old boss from CT, Ron. 

It was so fun! Terry ran five miles and then I took a turn (three miles) while the kids played at Sioux Park. 

The following day I went mountain biking with Denise, Jazmin, and David. After only a mile or two my bike snatched up a rotten branch and it broke my derailer hanger. I couldn't ride anymore! David tried to hang the chain up with a zip tie, a rubber glove, and finally a strap (which Jazmin is searching for in her bag). 

His rubber glove attempt.  

David carried my bike out and I rode Jazmin's new bike while she rode his. He still nearly beat me out of there. I'm so slow. The funny thing was that after I left, when they went to finish their ride, Denise's bike broke next! They went to David's house to fix it and then rode a very quick ride up Skyline Drive in time to view the sunset. Bummer that I missed that! 

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