Monday, March 7, 2016

the home front during the box maze

Halfway through February Terry and and army of helpers filled our entire church sanctuary with a box maze. As you can see, it was huge and took a lot of work to complete. We were all at the church all day Sunday and Monday. But after that, it was essentially finished. 

Since Terry had so many helpers, he was able to be home in the evenings during construction (as opposed to the last two mazes when he worked all day and night) and we were able to hang out together as a family. I celebrated this fact with our favorite meal of spiral sandwiches and cheese soup. Mmmmm. 

That evening (Tuesday) after dinner, Ezra was on my lap before bedtime looking through the Lord of the Rings library book Noah had checked out the day before. When he got to the Galadriel photo he said, "That's mommy!" I was feeling pretty good about his comparison until we got to the Gimli photo and he again said, "Mommy!" Good feeling gone.

One morning Ezra was all cute, reading to himself.

"Me too mommy!"

Noah read the blog to his siblings one night. That's one of the good things about keeping the blog going - the kids really enjoy reading about themselves. It's their own narrative! 

Ezra took his first ride on the Strider bike. My kids are all getting so big! 

One morning Terry read the littles so many books he put himself to sleep. Noah's just snuggling. 

Wednesday evening Noah started feeling like he had a cold. By Thursday he felt pretty terrible. He was laid out on a couch in the church lobby while everyone else went through the box maze. By the following morning, he had a temperature of 103.9. I was at work and had Terry bring him in to be checked out. He had Influenza A! We got him some Tamiflu and he was feeling much better the following day. I could tell because he was back to being all squirrelly and annoying me. 

For some reason Evie felt so sorry for her brother and on her own initiative she made him a card. When I finally got around to reading it later that night it cracked me up. It says, "Share a smile, not the flu." Ha! 

Overall, we had a really good week during the box maze!

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