Friday, March 18, 2016

the dining room table

Our dining room table is the center of all activity in the house. Right now it's covered with Legos and Lego books. We have a designated Lego table downstairs, but apparently that doesn't matter. So when it's time for dinner, all the toys just get heaped onto the hutch next to the table. Right now it's covered with puzzles, a Lego bin, several Lego Bionicles, and many papers. I continually wage a war to have things put away and lose. Oh well. 

Samuel wanted help with his puzzle and everyone decided to stay and watch. 

We keep all the toys in the dungeon and none upstairs to try to limit the messes but nonetheless the kids always drag them upstairs to the table. I thought it was cute that Samuel was actually playing with his tool box. 

Ezra is wherever Samuel is, usually to bug him.  

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