Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Evie initiated

I am not so crafty. I pretty much detest all things crafty. Therefore, if anyone wants to paint or cut or glue, it mostly has to be self-initiated. Evie appears to have figured this out. A couple weeks ago I came upstairs while doing school with Noah and discovered Evie had got out the paints, newspapers, papers, paintbrushes, and rinse water all on her own initiative. And not only for herself, but for both the littles too! Granted, there may have been some messy shirts, but I was okay with that. She's a good girl. Hey, can anyone tell what Samuel's favorite color is (times four!)? He he he.

I was just visiting with a friend today about how the parents of today seem to give themselves a much harder time than in previous generations. Maybe that's not true, but it seems like there's pressure (even if I put it on myself) to be all Pinteresty. I have no desire to be Pinteresty. And that's okay! You go for it Evie.

Yesterday she made a blinged out dragon from a craft book a friend gave her. Not bad! I didn't have to do a thing besides clean up her glue mess. That's what I'm talking about.

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