Thursday, March 10, 2016

Ow, my face!

So... I fell on my face while running two weeks ago. Yeah. 
I have prominent cheekbones, but not that big. I'll leave it right there and assume you can see where I hit my face.

Owie! It's been nearly two weeks and there's still a little nodule on my cheekbone that hurts when I touch it. Lucky I didn't break my face.

And though I cried after my fall (due to the humiliation), now it makes me smile and laugh because I keep thinking of Kuzco from The Emperor's New Groove. "My face! My beautiful, beautiful face!...Llama face!" HAHAHAHAHA! Yeah, that was me. ;)

Earlier that day we had been to the park and since the weather was absolutely gorgeous for the end of February, I decided to imitate Terry and go for a run (we are racing in a half marathon in June). I had just started out and was cruising along fast, going downhill at the very end of our street when my right toe caught a piece of broken sidewalk and I flew. I literally flew. I was going so fast that I couldn't catch myself with my left foot and my hands took the brunt of my weight. Because of the speed my arms couldn't absorb all of energy involved in my flight. Therefore, my left cheekbone also hit the sidewalk. Ow! When I got up the first thing I saw was that my over-the-ear headphones had been knocked off my ears. Then I turned over and saw I had gravel all over my legs from this broken sidewalk area. 

Road rash on my legs. It's a nice purple color now.

Next I noticed my hands really hurt. Road rash to my left hand. That's nearly healed two weeks later.

My other hand was the most painful though. I had sheared off the edge my thumbnail completely. This thing still smarts.

The worst part of it wasn't the physical pain, but the emotional pain. My accident happened in front of a street full of after school traffic. We live down the street from a large high school and both lanes of traffic were full of students. They all saw me! I'm sure it would have been rather hilarious in a Funniest Home Videos kind of way. But at the time I was mortified and angry. I was so embarrassed. I don't ever hardly cry over pain but I sure did after this. 

I patched myself back up, calmed down, and went out again to complete my run. I went for four miles! Take that sidewalk and onlookers!

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