Monday, November 7, 2016


While catching up on the blog, I found several photos I had never posted from recent weddings and since we just attended another one yesterday, I wanted to share. 

Just before my trip to visit my sister in May, all six of us attended my cousin Tyler's wedding.
Tyler, David, Kara, me, Laura, and Heather

They had a photo booth that was hilariously amusing. These photos have been on our fridge for months and now they are finally eternally secure on the blog ;)

Several months later was long-time student Molly's beautiful wedding at Chapel in the Hills. It was October first and I couldn't believe how perfect the weather was, but then again yesterday, November 6, her sister Meghan, was married in Spearfish Lodge (but I forgot to take any photos on account of being exhausted from the Fall Retreat) and the weather was equally flawless. 
The six pack was owning the back row!

I had to wipe my eyes several times during Molly's wedding. And look how beautiful!

At the reception we took full advantage of the fun involved in the Polaroid photo booth.
Terry and I, Evie and Zoe, Evie and Samuel, Evie and Ezra. Obviously, Evie was a huge fan.

I love this photo of Noah and Evie with silly Steven.

I am also quite fond of this one of Terry and I :)

We sat with Russ and Denise and their girls and it was either Terry or Russ who said, "Every crumb matters" while Ezra licked his plate. He he he.

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