Sunday, January 22, 2017

naming Luna, who plays in the snow

On Friday January 6 we got a new puppy. Our three girl name ideas were Lucy, Granger, and Luna but we had decided to wait a while to choose in order to see what her personality was like (that's how we came up with Snap's awesome name). However, we were all calling her Luna in our minds and even out loud so we decided to go with that after only a couple days. 

We've had snow on the ground for nearly two months so any outside playing with Luna had to be done all bundled up. 

The kids thought it was hilarious that when they laid down, Luna would jump on them and lick their faces and ears. 

 So of course they laid down all the more and she scratched their skin with her razor nails.

It was my ambition to get some good shots of Luna, but it was tough since she was in constant motion. Here's a good one though. 

Ear flapping! Boy that reminded me of sledding with Thorin... 

If we enlarged Luna she would look just like Thorin below - flapping goldendoodle ears. 

These pictures are from two weeks ago now and already she's grown so much!

Watch out Evie! 

Two days later we had more sun and went out after lunch in hopes of better pictures.

She kind of looks like a prairie dog here. 

She got snow on her nose all cute like.

Gah! She's so adorable! 

Luna wasn't as into jumping on the kids this day but preferred to run away. The kids still laid down in hope of her kisses. 

She's a snow baby. 

A week later we went out again. I wanted some photos of all the kids with her. I caught one kiss. 

Four kids with their dog. 


Here's a video of speedy Luna running from the kids.

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