Wednesday, February 1, 2017

party time by Evie

Two weeks ago Evie somehow got it in her head that she would like a party to celebrate the end of the school week. It was entirely her idea and she went to work straight away. She spent all afternoon preparing.

After dinner the time had finally come to release the confetti she made from tearing up streamers. 

Evie organized four games for us all, the first of which was Pin the Tail on the Donkey. 

She even made the blindfold which she cut out of pink construction paper. 

Of course she was in charge of spinning everyone. 

She didn't do such a great job blindfolding herself. Ha! 

Noah did end up finding the donkey which was hand drawn by Evie.

Finally it was mommy's turn. 

No blindfold necessary for me.  

Next on the docket was Musical Chairs. 

I was in charge of the iPod while they raced around the chairs giggling madly. 

Samuel was quite bummed to lose. Ha ha! Noah ended up winning this round.

 Daddy dancing around the chairs makes me smile.

We finally talked to Noah and Evie about how they needed to actually give the littles a chance.  

Ezra was so mad when he lost! Oh my, can you tell we have anger issues in this house? 

We let him win next time. 

Next up was a coloring contest. Look at those decorations! Seriously I don't know where this girl gets it from.  

She's such a fun girl. 

Evie chose the winner and then they had another round of coloring. Last was a dancing party. Yay for the weekend! 

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