Wednesday, February 8, 2017

more of Luna

What to do with a bunch of random Luna pics but compile them in one post?! :D

A few weeks ago the widdle baby was snuggling her stuffed dinosaur friend. She does regularly try to kill it, but at this moment there was peace.

We've been giving her weekly baths to keep her extra...nice smelling? Ha ha. But she sure does fluff up so lovely after a bath.

This is exactly how me and the kids react her to fluffiness. No joke.

She wasn't even attached to her leash and still she chose to lay down on her blanket. She is gaining more freedom, though the longest she's gone with no accidents in the house is one week. She's accepted her little area! Not bad for only having her for a month now. I call that progress. 

Last weekend I was sick with a cold and spent Saturday afternoon just sitting on the couch reading. Luna prefers to curl up right next to me, or better yet, sit right on my lap. She's my cat dog. Perfect!

Since I caught my cold from the 3 youngest and then Terry and Noah also got it, we had to stay home for the Superbowl. Luna was even allowed downstairs! 

And this picture is just from today. I thought it was so cute that Luna was [mostly] willingly sitting on Ezra's lap so I was trying to get a good shot of them. But then Ezra tried sticking his finger in her eye! I stopped him right away but still captured the moment - it well describes their relationship, one of puppy brotherhood. Ezra is always baiting Luna to chase him or steal his toys so he can pull them back to himself. I tell him to stop and discipline him but I guess it's his puppy nature - he acts more puppy than human with her. Yesterday I caught her chasing him around and biting the back of his sweatshirt. Then Ezra would grab her tail! Those two!!  

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