Wednesday, February 8, 2017

youth leader Christmas party 2015/16

On January 20th, we had our thrice rescheduled youth leader Christmas party. I made some brickle bites for the occasion (poor man's toffee anyone?). Rarely have these ever come off the pan in one sheet so we had to get a picture of it. Ha!

We had so many people that couldn't come but still our living room was absolutely packed!

You can see the small pile of gifts there to the left. We exchanged socks and candy after playing a version of Two Truths and a Lie where you had to guess whose truth was being read out. Fun times!

The couch crew, Rob, Ed, Sue, Allison, and Natasha.

Stephanie, Martin (and their adorable baby!!), Kristen, and Jordyn.  

Russ side-eyeing me. ;)

Frannie insisted on taking my photo. This was only the second night after my Lasix surgery and I remember my eyes were pretty darn irritated, but hey, no glasses!

Natasha stole my phone and took some gems of she and Allison.

A true cat lover, I thought her shirt was hilarious. 

Emma enjoying that baby. Dawww!

This is my favorite shot from the night. Ed is so happy with his socks!! 

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