Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Buzzards Roost hike

About three weeks ago it became pretty essential that we get outside despite the cold weather and abundant snow on the ground. The winter gets so long! We decided to hike Buzzards Roost just west of town. Having never ever hiked there before (crazy right?!), we got confused where we were going and first started west on Nemo Road. Derp, it was up Highway 44. So after a longer drive than was planned we finally made it...and Luna promptly puked on the back seat. She's not used to car rides yet! Plus Evie had her covered up with blankets in the very back of the van so she was hot and carsick.

Here the kids were just starting to climb the trail. It was all up for a mile or so.

I was worried about Luna's little feet on the snow for such an extended amount of time, so we held her periodically. She was totally fine though.

Terry was checking our position on his new hiking map. 

Noah entertained himself. 

Further down the line of little trees. 

When we came to a fork we took the right trail hoping it wasn't as steep. We were so wrong.  

It was incredibly steep! I had to hold Ezra's hand and pull him over the icy spots. You can see Noah further up the trail toiling away towards the sun.  

Taking a break. Phew! So tired and sweaty! Perfect!! 

The top of the hill was more of a flat plain ringed with trees and we couldn't see the view we were hoping for. Terry and the kids continued east on the path while I wondered into the trees and discovered this South Rim trail that followed the top of the ridge. So incredibly beautiful!

Man, I needed this. I need it again. Really, weekly or daily adventures outside would help me to cope with life so much better. 

Terry and the kids were not far away and I called them over to take in the view. 


I've said it before and I'll say it again, I love living here! 

Selfie smelfie time. I was only eight days post Lasix surgery and it felt great to not be wearing contacts or glasses. 

Me and him :D 

Heading away from the ridge. :(

We headed down the left hand path that we avoided at the fork. It was probably good we did since it was a lot longer than the steeper hill we climbed. It would have been amazing to sled down.

Jumping off a rock near the bottom. 

Running to the van. 

Noah won :D Luna's first hike was successful!

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