Saturday, February 25, 2017

Samuel's 6th birthday

Samuel's sixth birthday happened to fall on a Wednesday and one for which we had out of the ordinary school day plans. Usually the kids get the day off for their birthdays if it falls during the week but everyone got this day off. 

The Black Hills Stock Show and Rodeo was in town for the week and I had planned for us to attend Kids Take Stock at the Civic Center, an tour of educational kids booths. When we arrived we had to wait for the public school kids to finish but when they were gone it was a pleasantly smaller group of homeschoolers left. First off we learned about soil. Amanda, Denise, and Paul were there so the kids had a great time with all their friends.

This inflated arch was incredibly loud. I felt bad for the two ladies who had to practically shout over it.

Next we learned about spinning wool into thread. I have actually know the middle spinner since I had a wee little girl. My mom shares a booth with her every summer at the fair for her basket weaving. 

Following that was an exhibition about pine beetles. Very interesting, for me at least. Ha ha.

Second to last was a table about eggs. We thought the ostrich egg on the end was pretty awesome. 

Last was a spinning wheel of true or false facts about sunflowers presented by the kids piano teacher Miss Kathy. 

From there we drove up town and met daddy at McDonalds, Samuel's choice for lunch.

I didn't want to go home yet since it was so nice to be out of the house so we went downtown to hang out at Who's Toy Store. And since I had never visited before, we went down the hall Mitzi's Book Store. Quite cute!

When we got home I snapped a photo for a social media happy birthday shout out.  

Since that evening was Awana and Youth Group we didn't celebrate with cake and presents until the following night. I made Samuel's favorite "black cake." 

My folks, Shari, Jesse, and the girls came over to celebrate. We sang happy birthday to Samuel and Grace since they were born only two days apart, and for Jesse too who has a January birthday. 

Samuel's turn to blow. 

And Grace's.

Gift time. Grace first opened up the card Evie made for her. 

There are my folks. Proof! It seems pretty incredible that Samuel is already six. I remember when Noah turned six! It doesn't seem possible that Samuel is so big and yet it feels like there are endless years until they're grown. We just keep trucking along. The days are long and the years are short.

The following night we had another beautiful sunset. They seem to have been so infrequent this winter! 

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