Monday, October 8, 2012

homemade pumpkin patch

Grandpa likes to grow pumpkins and give them to the kids. So another nice thing about being close to family is that our pumpkin patch is only 30 minutes away verses 6 hours. It's a much closer trip than previous years.

So here's the ranch pumpkin patch that we visited the weekend before last. I thought the turkeys and the drought took the whole crop, so I was quite surprised any pumpkins survived.
Noah and Evie pick the biggest they can find.

Doesn't Evie look enthused? Not as much as Samuel coming up... 

Yeah, Samuel was not happy for some reason. And for other darker reasons, I like having pictures of him crying. It makes me laugh :)


And one more crying photo? What kind of sinister mommy am I? Well, off they go to unload the pumpkins from the golf cart to our van. And now they're sitting at my front door and Noah is asking to carve them already...

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