Wednesday, October 3, 2012

apples II

Since my folks and I are both overrun with apples, for the last couple weeks my mom has been helping me learn to make applesauce and apple butter. 

We've only used her apples so far because they're better - we have even been eating several a day because they're so good. The first week she brought over a full five gallon bucket and we made seven quarts of applesauce! Last week we made 12 smaller jars of apple butter. But I made the mistake of adding too much sugar. Terry likes it so that's good (but then again, he does eat moldy bread...). I also made a pie which was amazing. Perhaps I'll make another on this first cold autumn day of the year...
Apples ready to boil.

She has this neat Kitchen Aid gadget that's just so nifty. My kids favorite part? When the apple waste was separated from the good stuff like poo.

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  1. YUM! There's nothing better than Apple Butter. I'm thinking you need to do a giveaway post... :)