Monday, October 15, 2012

fall colors at roughlock falls

The last weekend of September after we visited Grampa's pumpkin patch, I convinced my somewhat reluctant husband to drive us up the northern hills to Spearfish Canyon so we could enjoy the changing fall colors - no small feat with three small children, one of which who was missing his long afternoon nap. But we managed it and had a nice time. It was so pretty and the weather was gorgeous.
This is a lookout just off the parking lot at Roughlock Falls. I remember looking into that stream when I was little. 

Almost ready to hike down to the waterfall. The afternoon light was so pretty in the leaves.

Look familiar? If you got a Christmas card last year, it should. This is the same place that photo came from, originally taken at my sister's wedding!

The Falls 

On our hike back up the hill, the kids had to stop and climb this boulder right off the path. They did the exact same thing at the wedding. 

It was a beautiful day for enjoying the view. 

Samuel was on lock down in his stroller since he was a tad, very cranky. I was entertaining him with the camera and loved the expression I caught here. Makes me smile. It also makes me miss his long hair.

Me and the kids took a little trail off the main path and beat daddy, Samuel and Snap up the hill. 

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