Sunday, November 9, 2014

Samuel's finger

After Samuel's most recent accident, he needed some good sleep. Notice the little metal splint on his finger?

Terry and I were shopping a few weeks ago for a new mattress and had left the kids with my folks. After lunch we picked up all four kids and went back to the mattress store to finally make our purchase. While Terry was doing that, Samuel somehow sliced his knuckle near the sliding door. We still aren't sure how it happened but we heard crying and when we met near the door, there was blood all over his hand. I packed it and we went home where we took the photo below and it still oozing. It was deep enough that it looked shiny underneath so we took him in for stitches. The doc was worried he'd do more harm than good with stitches (b/c little kids are so twitchy) so he used steri strips, a bandaid and a splint. I felt like a huge dork for taking him in since I could have done that at home. But, we got it done and his knuckle healed up super well. The moral of the story: don't ever take kids shopping with you.

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