Tuesday, November 11, 2014

scraping popcorn off ceilings

Since July, I have been on a ceiling scraping kick (though somehow I only included pictures of the school room project). Our house has this incredibly thick popcorn texture on all of the ceilings. I grew up with scant popcorn on my folks ceilings and it never bothered me. In fact, it was kind of fun to have it rain down on us when my sister and I played volleyball in our room and the ball hit the ceiling. Perhaps that's the reason the popcorn was so scant...and how we broke the light... Anyway, the popcorn in our house now is out of control ridiculous. 

When Terry and I returned from our youth group Disconnect trip at the end of June, I just found the motivation and started scraping in the upstairs bathroom. I'd been wanting to paint in there for a while and in fact already had purchased the paint. Scraping had to come first though. So here's that bathroom before. And a cute little Evie helper.

And here's the stupid popcorn. Sorry, I just really detest the stuff. WHY did they do this?!

I had never done it before, but found which scraper I liked pretty quick and just went to work like you can see below. It actually goes pretty fast, except for the edges. Those take a bit more work to get the painted popcorn scraped. So it's pretty quick to scrape but it is a massive mess and the clean up takes time. I also found found that I should wear a mask because of the dust it creates. The stuff starts to line the inside of your nose and that can't be good.

The color is Sherwin Williams Tame Teal with more white added in to tone it down a bit. 

I really love it and it matches the shower curtain just right. Sure brightens it up in there. 

The very next day I got to work on the upstairs hallway. This particular wall/ceiling really annoyed me big time. WHY did they spray the blasted stuff on the walls?! Isn't it bad enough to have it on the ceiling? Do we really need it on the wall as well?! Forgoodnesssakes.

Those popcorn sprayed walls had been painted over so it was a lot more difficult to scrape off. I probably should have used water or something, but I didn't. So it's not as clean as the other ceilings. But it's painted gray to match the walls and looks a ton better.  

The same day that I did the hallway I also scraped our bathroom. The walls there needed scraped/sanded too due to humidity peeling the paint. So I did both the walls and the ceiling. 

I was lucky the previous owners left us their leftover paint since I loved the color. 

And finally, just weeks ago I scraped the ceiling in our bedroom. We had just sold our bed and were waiting for the new one which was on order. Since there was next to nothing in there, I went to work. Of course I did. Find and destroy popcorn is what I do now, apparently.

Here is mid-scraping. So satisfying. 

Like I said, it's one heck of a mess. I should have been wearing long sleeves and pants but it was July and I was hot! 

Nice and smooth. You can see the drywall seams! Perhaps that's why they used such thick popcorn - to hide the seams. I'd take the seams over the stupid popcorn. 

When I was finished I moved all the popcorn to the center of my canvas drop cloth and called Samuel in for a size comparison. That's a big pile! 

It's amazing how not white those ceilings where.  

 How clean and crisp right?!

Oh yeah :)

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