Wednesday, November 12, 2014

beautiful fall day back yard playing

Wednesday, October 22 was such a beautiful fall day. Especially from where I sit - 2.3 degrees and 6-8 inches of squeaky snow on the ground. BRRR! But, October 22 was great. In fact, we have had a very mild autumn until this cold snap settled in. 

After lunch the kids usually go out to the back yard to play. Every kid needs recess. I was busy inside until I saw Ezra climbing the back steps with two big red apples in his hands. Too picturesque to pass up so out I went. 

The weekend before had been our last grass mowing of the year and Noah and Terry worked hard raking up all the leaves and pine needles. Evie found more leaves under the apple tree and was pouring them down from the play set. It was so pretty. Ezra was mesmerized. 

Then the kids started showing off. This is what it looks like when all four are caught mid-spin. Check out Evie's face. She cracks me up. 

Ezra thought Snap's bucket did well for a hat. 

Noah was like, "Let me help you with that."

And then, "Let me help you put your feet in there." 

Evie very much wanted to take some pictures so I let her take five since it was the nice camera. They were pretty good. I do this to Ezra constantly. Gotta squish him.

Check out this selfie. Okay, seriously. Wow. 

Evie's picture of fuzzy headed puppy Samuel. 

And wacky long limbed Noah. 

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