Sunday, November 9, 2014

Nathan and Ana's baby shower

We found out way back in March that my brother Nathan and his wife Ana were expecting their very first child. And of course they needed a baby shower! So, after lots of figuring, Nathan, Ana and I decided on a date for a baby shower at church: Friday, October 17, 2014 at 7pm. I was a little intimidated to plan a party. That's not really my thing, but I wanted to bless the three of them. So I enlisted all the help I could. And it's good that I had lots of willing help!

Ana let me borrow the invitation she had designed for her mom to use for their Michigan shower. Super cute!

I was very pleased with how well everything turned out. But like I said, I had lots of help. And pinterest was number one for ideas.  

This is the food/dessert table. I asked my friend Jana to help me decorate. This was all her. 

Pinterest helped me come up with a theme: A woodland forest. The baby's nursery is along those lines so I hoped Ana would approve. I made s'more pops to go along with the theme.

Jana brought the popcorn. I also printed off the little moose storks cards to label the food, which I just loved.

I also found this idea online - a pinecone cheeseball! It was super yummy. Also, I had my artistic friend Faith carve a moose print out of a potato and I used it to stamp all over the brown paper covered tables. 

My mom also contributed several desserts. Ana eats gluten free so the goal was for her to be able to eat anything she wanted there. This GF cake mom made was really good.

Ana especially wanted and requested the scotcheroos. The apple cake was the only non-gfree item. 

Carol and Lauralee made the fruits and veggies. Also, Jane brought the sliced logs which she took after Zach and Paige's wedding - they used them for centerpieces at their reception. 

Another idea I found on pinterest was to paint some birch trees on brown paper. I asked Ana's friend and our new church receptionist, Rachel, to handle it. And she did wonderful! It was nice to have that hallway hidden.

The game we played was about guessing the names of baby woodland animals and what you call groups of those animals.  

A closer look at the adorable food table decorations. 

Belly! And Nathan's face :) 

All the baby books Nathan and Ana opened mysteriously stopped at Terry and Ben's table. They wer reading them to each other. whSillies! 

My mom made three blankets and this was my favorite. So pretty! 

Nathan put all the wrapping and tissue paper under his shirt. Carrying a little high... 

We had a pretty good turn out too! Everything went great and it surely was a big blessing for them.  

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