Saturday, June 21, 2014

slippin 2014

Based on the last two years, the kids use their slip n slides about once, maybe twice, a summer. So last week was the first and maybe last time they'll use it.

The big kids went out after lunch and Ezra was just dying to join them. And at first glance I thought this was Samuel. He needs a hat that actually fits him. 

Ezra was very interested in the water.

But after a few minutes he would become a little uncertain. He'd end up in a little puddle and get cold, forgetting he could crawl out. We'd have to rescue him.

We feed him I promise. 

I'm glad the kids have those swim shirts. Helps their white skin so much. Noah has skin more like Terry's - he tans up. Terry came back from the bike trip looking native. 

Evie helping Ezra. 

Shari got those swim bottoms for Ezra for his birthday. Super cute. 

Slide action.


Ezra had to try it out for himself. 

Samuel was not too interested in the slide. He wanted to be one to spray the water. 

Evie would pour more water on herself when she started sliding. 

See? Random crying. 

Our purple flower thingys are looking quite nice this year. 

As are the irises. 

Da boys. 

Commence playing on the slide and in the mud.  

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