Friday, June 20, 2014

MS bike trip 2014

 June 9 - 13 Terry took nearly 20 middle schoolers on the 100 mile Mickelson Trail bike trip that occurs every two years. Yes, 100 miles! It's physically amazing that these "little" up and coming students can accomplish this. Very appropriately, Terry named the trip "Strive." 

It's fun to look back at his first bike trip because at that time we had only been back in Rapid for two months and hardly knew any of the kids. This year some of those original middle schoolers came back as leaders!

Monday, getting ready to leave the church to drive to the northernmost starting point of Deadwood.

Panoramic of their first night's camp.

Our friends Paul and Jana were gracious enough to take Noah up with them as they ferried some students along. He had a fantastic day with daddy. He wasn't quite tall enough to drive the go-carts but that didn't stop him from having fun. Hard to believe that in two years Terry will be taking Noah along for the whole trip. Wow.

He looks so happy :)

The following day, Tuesday, the group started off towards Rochford, 26 miles away. 

I like this photo of Ed with some students along the way that first day. Ed's the biking man.

That evening, Meghan (a MS leader), all four kids and I drove an hour to Rochford to have dinner with Terry and the crew. Since Ezra's not walking yet, I was thankful to have that baby backpack. 

They were watching Samuel toss that ball up to Lindsey (in blue). Then she would pass it to Noah and he would throw it to Samuel. 

Praying before having tacos for dinner. And then the clouds rolled in. 

I left as the rain started and they all headed for their tents. Kim (who had brought up the food) turned back to make sure Terry was okay. They put tarps over leaky tents. As far as the storm went, they were blessed not to get very much. In town we were deluged.

And what a lovely rainbow afterwards!

The following day, Wednesday, was 38 miles from Rochford to Custer. Some of those punks climbed up over this tunnel and threw pine cones down. It's sort of a tradition I guess. 

Terry died.

Over Highway 385 nearly to Custer.

The kids and I drove another hour on Wednesday to see and eat dinner with Terry. But they were behind schedule and we had to wait an hour for them to get there. My kids entertained themselves on these rocks in the campsite.

It was a chilly night!

Even Ezra did some rock climbing.

More rocks. Poser Evie.

The following day, Thursday, was their last day. From Custer they rode 36 miles to Hot Springs. Here they are just beginning.
leaving Custer

Here's another group shot, this time when they had finished their 100 miles of biking in Hot Springs.


And finally they went to Evans Plunge for a well deserved bit of fun. 

One more group photo before heading home on Friday. Way to go students, and Terry! We were sure  glad to have Terry home again.

And here's the video Terry made for church:

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