Friday, June 20, 2014

Evie's trip to Rainbow

Two weeks ago Evie was the first of our family to attend Rainbow Bible Ranch since Terry was a kid (I've never been and Noah will go next week). Even though she's only six and didn't know for sure if anyone she knew would even be there, she was SO excited. She was counting down the days from the time it was about a week away. She's just so social and friendly. I love that about her.

So we dropped her off on Thursday June 5th and went back again the very next night to pick her up. Since the kids are so little they don't stay long. She had a fantastic time despite the really poor weather (rain, mist, clouds). Here is her group of 53 kids performing a few songs they learned. She right dead center in the green/yellow/pink shirt looking at the camera.

Another highlight of Rainbow, aside from the horses, are the many kittens. It is a working ranch so it's bound to have those. Of course, they were very tame, as opposed to Terry's mom's cats which are terrified of people. Noah simply loved the kittens and desperately wanted to bring one home (I would have loved that too). I grew up with a cat and have always wanted one. But, alas, Snap kills them. No really. He's killed them at the ranch. So we can't have one. Noah really got his heart set on the idea though. He wanted to name a boy Russell and a girl Lucy. I wanted this kitten right here. When Samuel held it, it bit his chin. Poor Samuel but it was quite funny.

Before we left all the campers took turns to show us that they had learned to ride a bit. This is Evie on her favorite horse, Cinch.

And this is Callie. She's gone on a few trips with Terry and the youth group and is working out there this summer. All the girls love Samuel. Must be his hair. 

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