Monday, June 2, 2014

senior banquet 2013 & 2014

While I was writing a post about this year's senior banquet, I realized that I never wrote one last year. Or the year before for that matter.

Our church/youth pastor (Terry) does a banquet for the seniors for the purpose of honoring them. The senior's family introduce them and those in attendance tell stories, embarrassing and otherwise, all while being served a nice dinner and dessert. 

Last year was an asian theme. I was due with Ezra only a week afterwards. So...big belly. 

Terry's always enjoyed Kung Fu, so naturally...

Well, we were both a little heavier last year. Terry's been doing awesome working out with T-25 since the new year and has lost ten pounds! And I had to lose the baby weight. Ha ha. 

This year was a Mexican theme...

 Here's Pastor Dave and Carol.

Ana and Nathan. 

And the only shot of me is from behind while talking to Debbie. That's me in the navy.  Guess I was so ready to rescue my mom the babysitter that I didn't think to have Todd take Terry and I's picture like last year. Plus I was late. So bummer dude. :(

Terry always gives a talk to the seniors and did great. 

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