Tuesday, October 7, 2014

fall sprinkler afternoon

Thursday, September 23rd was a really fine day. We took a break from the history reading I had planned to do and played outside instead. Well, the kids played and I took pictures and made some rhubarb bars with the last of the rhubarb.

Before Ezra came out, Evie and Samuel had been running through the sprinkler and spraying eachother. Once Ezra arrived Evie was so nice as to shield him from the spray. Perhaps Samuel was helping too...

Ezra is so darn cute. He absolutely loves playing outside.

He did not love getting sprayed. But what kid could resist not doing that to a baby just to see what they would do?! And what mom would stop them when there was a funny picture to be taken? Okay, perhaps I'm a bad mom.  


He's my baby and he is cute :) 

Yelling baby. 

Pretty cold water.

But lots and lots of fun. Mr. Four Teeth.  

The last of the whatchamacallit blooms.  

Evie was kinking the hose so he could play with the water safely. 

Until she wasn't kinking the hose anymore... 

Big sister getting warm and dry. 

Our apple tree did great this year. There were probably about as many apples on the ground as on the tree. The deer loved them (the bruised ones) once we put them in the field. As for the humans, we have been eating the good ones. 


Sandy bottom. He sure loves that sandbox.

More grounded apples. Oh, and a super cute baby.

Terry wanted the kids to pick up all those apples before he got home. I had to crack the whip a lot to get them to do it. There was a ton of them though! Even Ezra was helping :) 

Ezra kept knocking the bag over in his haste to help. Noah was so annoyed. 

This water puddle is too cold mom! 

While the kids worked on the apples, I transformed this...

...into these rhubarb bars. And then I had it with eggs for breakfast for the next week (it has oatmeal in it! and fruit!). And Terry had it whenever he walked by. Good thing he's not home all day like me.

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