Thursday, October 2, 2014

Samuel's first day of school

At the very end of last school year, Samuel started at the Communication Preschool a mile down the road at South Canyon Elementary school. To make a long story short, when Samuel turned three the doctor referred him for speech therapy (because he sounded like a caveman). But since our insurance wouldn't cover it, the speech therapist suggested we check with the school district. They could have come to our house but thought he would benefit from more than a single visit a week. They recommended this preschool let by a speech therapist, I attended once with Samuel and really liked his teacher and what they were doing. So Samuel got in like a month of preschool last year.

He's back there again for this whole year. His first day was one day after Noah and Evie began at home, Tuesday, August 26, 2014.

How cute is my little caveman? But actually, his speech has improved quite a bit. We do the speech preschool homework and work on the cards the Children's Care speech therapist gave us while we were still up there.

Daddy drops him off twice a week and then goes to work. An hour and a half later the three kids, Snap and I go pick him up.
Bye bye Samuel!

We bought him his very own backpack this year instead of the huge, old one of Terry's he used last year (the blue and orange one behind him which he loves) and a Spiderman notebook for his homework. He very much enjoys school and his teacher says he's doing great and improving steadily. Check out that cheesy, excited smile :)

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  1. Awwww - is his teacher's name Miss Kim? Silas went to preschool also when he was 4/5. They used to have it at Meadowbrook, but it has since moved to South Canyon. He still has his homework notebook :). Such a wonderful program and we LOVED Miss Kim! Tell her "hi" from us, if she is still there.