Saturday, July 17, 2010

Mt Rushmore

One of the last things we did at home was visit my sister Stephanie at Mt. Rushmore. It felt like going home since my dad worked there for 30 years and at one point, our entire family worked there in the summer. I was in the gift shop, Steph and Nathan were in the food dept, Mom was in the parking garage and Dad was a law enforcement, gun carrying Park Ranger (and one you wouldn't want to mess with either - they'd call him when they needed someone people would listen to!). Yeah, so it was very nice to visit with my kiddos. The only thing missing, again, was Terry.

These were a new addition - tee pees on the train up to the mountain

Eeeeeeeee. Noah likes to climb mountains

Gramma accompanied us

Since Steph works there still, we were able to get free lunch and ice cream! Love this shot =)

Go Noah go
Double action

Here's Steph hard at work. But hey, the blue shirt means she's a supervisor!


Yeah, why wouldn't she be happy?!

Here is Steph with her friend Dee - Devenshi from South Africa. She's a nice girl - loved on my kids. They went to New York City together!

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