Monday, May 24, 2010

week 3 progresss

It's hard to believe that we've only been working on the house for 3 weeks...until you see how much has been done. I've done more painting than I ever have before. I hope I'm getting better... I'm a little sloppy.

So, Terry's dad stayed til last Wednesday and was a big help. Terry started working on the wood floor last Tuesday and didn't get back to it til yesterday and today. Good news? He finished it today! More good news: I'm painting the last big thing, the kitchen. We move this Friday and Saturday unless something drastic happens.

So on to the photos of progress...

Here is Kevin texturizing the kitchen and dining room ceiling. It had previously been flat so he did this to match the rest of the house. Terry also painted it once it was dry.

Here's Jerry hooking up the new toilet. He also installed 2 new faucets and a water softener! He will be returning this weekend to help us move, as will Shari and Jesse. Yay!

We got the bedroom carpets cleaned

Terry tore out the carpet to the downstairs, stairs and landing. Here he is pulling out staples but you can see the carpet behind him.

How many men does it take to put a switch in the wall? Hehe

I worked on the bathroom once Jerry was done. I painted it gray and LOVE it. I also painted the drawers to the vanity to match, which had been off-white.

And check out what is outside our bathroom window =) She's got 2 little blue eggs!

Here is the gray bathroom drawers in JoAnn and Herb's garage. Actually, this room is the "man cave" =)

Here is the main part of the garage. Now you can see all the work she has done for me and why I made her a pie!!! Pictured are cabinet doors and drawers from both the kitchen and downstairs built-in shelving! Jo Jo is awesome!

Here is that downstairs built-in shelving after I painted it. But it's a little changed since this photo was taken... Take not of the bottom left and the middle shelves b/c they're gone now.

Here are the kids more comfortably watching a movie on their little table and chairs in Evie's room. We brought more toys over since the rooms are clean now. I've also started packing! So far I have cleaned out our bedroom closets and the guest room closet.

Here is the downstairs floor after Terry tore the carpet out and I swept and vacuumed it clean

Back to the bathroom - here is our new light! And Herbie and Jo Jo observing the drawers.

Kevin has been awesome too. He installed these 4 can lights and fan where there had previously been nothing. Let there be light!

He installed a fan in the hall as well! And before I forget, he patched under this fan with drywall (b/c there had been a large square hole there from the previous light) and he texturized it and Terry painted it. Kevin did the same thing in our bedroom too - just a light though =) SO much better!

Here is the kitchen after Brenda and I completed painting it this morning. It's so much brighter than it was before. Also, Kevin patched, texturized and installed that new light! The countertops unfortunately cannot be installed until after we move in, and therefore, the backsplash cannot be started until then either. But we'll get there!

Here is the dining room post painting. Still needing another coat tomorrow, but you get the idea. And those scallops on the top of the hutch will be covered up with a new piece of wood which I will stain to match the doors that still have to be done.

Terry completely completed the wood floor today! Even in the closet and in the corners! YAY!!!

That's right, you're the man...with the drill...and the Terry hat

Here is my friend Becky who watched our kids this morning so I could get more done. Noah LOVES going to their place in the country. Becky even said there were some tears when it was time to leave!

Here is the new carpet on the lower stairs. We have a guy doing this for us. He is very good, very particular but he'll have it done by moving day.

Oh yeah. And this is the new shot of the built-in shelving. Herbie did some demo work for me. He took out the awkward diagonal boxes that had been to the lower left. He also took out the 2 shelves from the middle section - we're planning on putting a big TV there =) I will have to paint those areas once they're cleaned up a bit.

And here are the completed drawers and doors for the built in shelving. They're in the basement just waiting to go in!

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