Tuesday, June 1, 2010

week 4.5 progress

Well, we moved in! I'm sitting on our love seat which is on the new wood floor, watching Harry Potter, and stealing internet from a neighbor (temporarily!). It's been a crazy last week and a half. Uffdah. That's Norwegian for Wow...or something

Here Noah is talking John's ear off while he installs the carpet downstairs last week, Wednesday. He did a great job and we love the carpet.

This is moving day: Friday. Lyle showed up with a (clean) horse trailer and they just went for it! What a long day. Here is Todd installing the counter tops while they moved stuff in.

Brenda was my hero this day. She packed my entire kitchen and then the rest of her family helped to move! She is vacuuming downstairs before too much more arrives. John is moving the sectional for her. John and his two brothers helped ALL day and were amazing, especially considering this was their old house of 15 years!!! John was only 2 weeks old when they arrived.

Here is the MESS in the front room. Ug, it was SO overwhelming but we did get it squared away before we went to bed. Just looking at this photo stressed me out.
And there is Shari! She and Jesse came that evening after all the hard work was done, but we put them to work anyway.

Jesse and Alex are putting the doors back on the fridge. Terry is showing off his muscles.

The kitchen cabinet doors are up! Herb and JoAnn came while we were having a late lunch, Saturday, and put them back up.

YAY! They look great!

I put Shari to work scrubbing the hand rails down.

Fast forward to tonight. Terry and his dad got up a frame for a railing on the deck.

The guys brought all the big stuff over on Saturday - the swing set, trampoline, etc.

Here are some finished photos of the house, as of now...

Here are the cupboards and dishwasher Jerry installed today.

New appliances! Thanks to Jerry. We would be lost without him.

Here is the hutch that JoAnn and I partly re-stained.

Here is the dining room.

Terry even got the coat rack up =)

YAY! The front room is very nice.


Our bedroom


Downstairs. The sectional works great down here. There is a toy area behind it.

There is the built in shelving. I painted the torn out parts from last week. Can't wait til we get the big tv for that center hole.

Toy area.

Looking into the guest room

Guest room

Basement with leftover furniture.

Leftover toys and shelving.


  1. Wow I'm impressed great job! Can hardly wait to see it for myself!

  2. joyce clark6/2/10, 3:28 PM

    great Blog, Eva! Thanks...fun to watch the progress! Enjoy!