Monday, June 21, 2010

a few more updates

My parents were here for a week so we didn't do hardly anything on the house during that time. It was just hang out time! Once they left, we got busy cleaning and putting some stuff together. Now when everyone asks me if we're settled, I can say, "More so."

This project had been nagging Terry as it sat on the chairs at the edge of the dining room for weeks: the 3 hanging lights. So Terry hung it all by himself a few days ago! He did a great job and the extra light adds a lot to the kitchen.

Here is the entertainment center. The TV is on order so once that arrives the big hole will be filled and we can again have youth movie nights and small groups here. But the point of this photo is to show how Terry made two shelves for the DVD players and speakers =) Didn't he do good? I painted them, but he did the rest! Oh, and he wired the surround sound so that's all good to go!

Terry also hung curtains, which were from our bedroom at the old house, which will certainly be useful when we have the TV.

I organized the kids' toys. There seems to be a lot of them! We need some shelves or something...

The guest room also got a curtain. This is from Noah's room at the old house. Better than the towel we had up there!

I also went through the last boxes we had just stacked down here. They just needed put away so they all went in the storage room.

Here is the other side of the room. The desk is Terry's domain. I no touchee!

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