Tuesday, June 15, 2010

kitchen duty

Flashback: moving day. This is a painful sight, but thankfully, our kitchen no longer looks like this. I just wanted to show you the color above the cabinets. It's painted differently now, thanks to JoAnn's inspiration. Also, notice the yellow glue mess back splash. Herbie and JoAnn have taken care of that for me.

Here is our kitchen now, almost complete. I repainted the area above the cabinets to match the darker color behind them. It looks better. Also, notice the hanging light in the foreground? We have a dining room light now, which is so nice. There will be 3 hanging lights above the counter soon. And the counter top edges will go on once they're in... OH, and there are 3 cans lights in the kitchen that aren't in the photo above.

Here are Herbie and JoAnn installing the tile back splash. They are GREAT! Why would anyone miss the yellow glue?

Here is the completed tile on this side of the kitchen. It's different on the other side.

Nicey nice? Well, even better once we get the outlet covers on... =)

Here is the kitchen sink back splash on the other side of the kitchen. I LOVE IT!

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