Sunday, June 20, 2010

nicki's tree

We are very blessed to have a go-to babysitter. Nicki is amazing. Last night when I called her with absolutely no prior notice, she came over to our house 20 minutes after we talked b/c she suggested that we leave earlier, thus giving herself more work. But she's a romantic, and see, it was our anniversary last night. Yeah, it's been 6 years - YAY! All this to say that Nicki is awesome. Oh, and she used to live in our house, so that probably makes it even harder for her!

So, Nicki took the kids to her favorite tree at the lake, which is now within easy walking distance from our new house. Nice. Today after church Noah insisted we walk to "Nicki's tree." So that is what we did.

Except I only had my phone camera so these photos are so disappointing to me. Perhaps next time I can find our real camera. But anyway, here are the two blurry punks.

Noah is "brave" now, as he says, b/c he can climb the tree limb which is horizontal to the ground and stretches from about 7 feet down to 4 feet.

Evie can't climb so high but she makes up for it with cuteness

My monkey boy

Daddy came after 2nd service was done. That girls loves her daddy. And why not? He's a great daddy!

Love this one =) AWWWWWWW!

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