Saturday, April 11, 2015

Easter 2015

Evie got another birthday wish granted last weekend - to do an Easter egg hunt. Well, sort of. Easter was nearly a week after her actual birthday, but she got to wear the same dress and I'm sure that's close enough. 

After church we had to come back to the house to grab Snap dog, the trailer and some supplies for the ranch. Since we were all looking good I had Terry set up the camera tripod and we recreated this photo. Love it!

Tired Ezzie fell asleep during the half hour drive up to the ranch. When Noah was this age and we lived at the ranch, I always had to fight to keep him awake until we got home for lunch or else he wouldn't take a nap and our afternoon would be shot. Oh fun memories!

We were going to eat first thing but the babies had to go to bed and we wanted to change out of our Easter clothes. So we took a complete family photo first. Terry set up the tripod and took a test photo. Ha! Jerry's about to take off his glasses, I'm saying that his glasses are indeed dark, Sarah's shoe just fell off and Evie's handed out dandelions to the littles.

Not bad, eh?! 

Shari, Sarah, Jesse and Grace. 

After lunch it was time for the egg hunt. We hadn't done one of these out at the ranch since 2011 when we met Grace for the very first time

It was a beautiful day and the new calves were out having fun running in the field. 

We limited the eggs to the front yard. We had to or they'd never be found! 

Samuel and Grace's eggs were the most obviously hidden. Still Samuel needed some help.  

Found an orange one! 

Their baskets were getting pretty full already... 

Gotta put some in the trees. 

We've had a beautiful and early spring, but not much moisture, as you can tell from the dry grass. 

We left Snap in the house for the beginning of the hunt because he's not allowed to run wild when there are calves. He has no cow-sense and will get himself killed and a cow injured. But he was going nuts barking while the hunt was on so we let him out front on the lease. The first thing he did was find a nice purple egg and pee on it. That was the best part of the egg hunt. But poor Grace was down one egg. Here she's asking Grampa for that egg. 

Samuel needed all the help he could get. 

The kids all had an equal amount of eggs so when they were getting close they counted to see if they were done yet. 

Evie was still missing one but found it with Grampa's help. 

Cows and calves. 

All done. Gosh, they look huge. 

We sneakily hid one more egg for Grace so she could be done. 

What fun :) 

Back in the fall Shari's MOPS group did a photography fund raiser. I forgot to post the photos we got. Jerry put them up on the wall a while ago. Noah says he's embarrassed by it because he wasn't allowed to wear a shirt beneath his overalls. He looks good though. They all do.  

Once we were back inside Terry went over the resurrection eggs. He looks like he's preaching ;) Probably because he is.

Candy time. 

Ezra woke up after having missed all the fun. It was a good day. 

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