Thursday, April 9, 2015

Evie's 7th birthday

Tuesday March 31 was Evie's seventh birthday. She'd only been counting down since March began, thus encouraging Samuel to endlessly chime in, "Evie birdday's coming." And now it's "Noah birdday's coming," (on April 19th). And then Ezra, Daddy, and then Mommy. And finally it'll be Samuel's birdday again. 

A few days before the celebration, after we had already thoughtfully purchased a few gifts, she gave us this huge list. I thought it was rather cute, though I did need her to translate a few things.
(7. "jool stikers" = jewel stickers
(8. "a green gool braslet Fram hooz" = a green jewel bracelet from Who's toyshop
(9. easter hanting = She's had Easter on her birthday (or Noah'senough times to think that's how it's always supposed to be. We also recently discovered that she's always thought Shari's nickname for her, "Eve-ster," was actually "Easter" for the same reason. Ha!

It's become a tradition in our family to wake up the birthday kid with the birthday song. Evie was very much looking forward to this, but was still totally out cold still when we went in. Here she is, confused, but happy.

"Happy birdday Evie!"

Next I took Samuel to preschool and went a little further to buy donuts and a balloon, both of which seem to have also become a tradition. A word to the wise: Dollar Tree (not for donuts though). 

Terry had got up early that day to work on our weekend-turned-weekday project, the path. I didn't think he'd finish it, but with the kids help, he did! 

I went to pick up Samuel and then got to work making Evie's choice of dinner: Meatballs. She's so dainty :) 

Another great thing about homeschooling is that we don't do school on birthdays. Evie originally wanted to go to the new park, but decided on this one way up on the north side of town, College Park. And because it was mid-morning, there was no one but a couple of babies and truants there. 
Evie's first time down the fireman's pole

Ezzie isn't quite big enough for this park but that doesn't stop him...or me. Because I'm a bad mom. 

Cheesy birthday girl. 

She's very proud of this bar crossing ability that she's worked on in the back yard for a couple years. Noah doesn't even do it. She probably gets it from me when I used to swing way high on the monkey bars and kids told me that I "must've eaten my Wheaties" that morning... 

She wanted to go to the park with the big rock. Aye, Captn' that's the one. 

"Mom, watch me jump!" 

Not to be outdone by her brother... 

See, nothing is too big for him :) 

Afterwards, I was feeling generous and extended our outings with Little Caesar's pizza and a trip to the new park. It was 80 degrees and a birthday! We were ready for home after this though. I think that it actually only made it to 79 that day but we were all melting.

"Okay, time to go." 

The rest of the afternoon was filled with a rest and piano lessons. Then we ate those meatballs over spaghetti and my family and Shari and the girls came over. 

She's not excited at all... 


Rainbow cake with pink frosting. 

Then, glory and trumpets!, it was time for presents. 

First up was Nathan and Ana's gift, this My Little Pony turned girl, Twilight Sparkle (first on her list!). All the adults thought it was freaky, but Evie was very pleased.

My folks got her a pretty doll. Who cares about the doll though. Look at her face! 

Evie completely forgot about the My Little Pony "fire ruby" that she'd been talking about for months.

  Probably because I might have led her to believe that it was $200 so she didn't put it on her list. Lucky for her I found a much cheaper glass version on Etsy and she loved it. I was SO excited for her to open this one. It sure felt good to give that day.  

"Smile Nathan!" Uhhh... 

That's better :) 

Happy birthday to our only daughter Evie. We love you like crazy!

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