Thursday, April 23, 2015

4 plays

For two weekends in a row Terry attended a total of four plays for students in youth group. It was a crazy weekend! We kind of didn't realize what we were getting ourselves into, but it was a fun time anyway. 

Terry took Evie to three of the four plays because mommy doesn't charge to babysit her brothers. Ha! Here is the first one on Thursday night. They went to see Lindsey perform in Beauty and the Beast and even sat next to Pastor Dave and Carol. This was the first play Evie had ever been to and of course she loved it! I had checked out several books on Beauty and the Beast from the library for her. I heard her reading them aloud to herself during quiet time. Adorable!

The following night Terry attended Annaka's play, the name of which I can't quite remember. Something like Girls and Ghouls. Evie again loved the show but Terry was not feeling well at all. We had some kind of stomach bug hit half of our family that week. Ezzie had had diarrhea all week and Evie threw up two nights later. Terry very nearly did throw up and probably should have, the poor guy. 

But he would never let a lowly little stomach bug stop him, plus he was feeling a tad better. Saturday night he went to Rapid City Christian's play with my brother, Nathan, and David. They were supporting many students from youth group. Bailey, Johanna, Nathan, Dylan and Austin. I hope I didn't forget anyone because I can't remember the name of their play either!

Phew! That was an crazy weekend. The following weekend, we supported Ben in Pinnochio at Central. Noah and I got to come along while Bailey babysat the littles. On the drive there Evie was telling Noah about the other plays she'd gone to and said, "Sometimes people say weird long words that we don't understand and people laugh." There you go Noah.

The play was a hoot. So much fun! And to top it all off, this weekend Terry himself, and his mission trip buddies, are performing a Dinner Theater fundraiser. So many plays, so little time, so much fun.

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