Thursday, April 23, 2015

Evie's ranch 7th bday party

I recently took some photos off Terry's phone to catch up on the blog and realized that I had forgot about Evie's ranch birthday. 

Terry's folks were kind of stuck there since it's calving season, so the Thursday before Evie's actual birthday Terry took the day off from work and we all headed out. Either the kids found Terry resting or he joined them watching the video monitor of the laboring cows in the barn.
Shari brought the Frozen birthday hats.

Once cow was acting ready so Terry and I took the olders plus Grace out to try to catch a viewing of a calf birth. However, the kids were too noisy and the cow got nervous. She calved when we were out of sight and I only saw the calf on the ground directly afterwards. I'd love to see a birth. I'm weird like that.

Jerry's first calf died because it came so early. And the next cow to go had twins! He had them fenced in here between the barns and the corral and let us all pet the gimpy one. 

Evie and her birthday dress and shoes... I should have had her change. It was cold. And well, cow poop. 

He was so cute! Wish they stayed that way. Of course, if they did, we wouldn't want to eat them. 

The kids like to bemoan stuff in their lives "isn't fair!," like for Noah's birthday last week. But Evie got two cakes for her birthday, a fact I reminded her of. 

And two parties. 

The grandparents got her gifts off her birthday wish list so they scored big time - two new "Isabella dolls" and a car. 

He's such a good daddy and uncle :) Oh, and you can see Shari and Jesse's new money-pit dog (many vet visits already), Sugar, a dachshund/schnauzer mix. She's like a short Snap dog. She makes me laugh b/c she's too short to jump on the couch very well. She like bounces off the first try and then readjusts her strategy and makes it the second time.

Can you spot Noah in this picture? 

I think we were watching Noah play a wii game, probably The Price is Right. 

He's gonna be a pro when he gets big, when he figures out how to turn the controller the right way.

We had lunch and dinner out there. Good thing they have a big table. It was a really great day. 

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