Thursday, May 12, 2016

track training

Two and a half weeks ago we all drove down to the nearly track after dinner, despite the cold, to give the kids some practice with the races they have coming up. 

Every spring at the end of the school year the South Dakota Christian Home Educators put on a Track and Field Day. We've never participated before because baby Ezra was too much to handle in addition to the rest of the kids. But he's nearly three this year and I was on the ball enough to sign us up in time. 
A pic of my hat for Jazmin. 

Ezra sure tried to keep up.

I scooped him up for a picture. He's so cute! I want to eat him.

There's a proper smile. 

High knees. 

It was rather cold that evening. Samuel wore Noah's coat once he took it off. 

And Ezra wore Evie's. Ha ha. You can see long jump practice behind Ez. Then Terry ran a slow 9 minute something mile with Noah while I ran stairs.

Terry took Noah and Evie through their events, then he pushed himself to do the fastest mile he could manage which was 6 minute something. He's an excellent runner, like I mentioned when we did our marathon relay in the fall. He was something of a track star in high school, though he would not say that. His two mile relay team won State twice. He's way better than me, especially when it comes to training for our half marathon in June. 

I guess the Iphone slow motion feature doesn't translate to my computer but you'll get the idea of their standing long jump.

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