Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Noah's 11th birthday

Two days before Noah's birthday we had all the family assembled for Noah and Evie's piano recital so we planned to celebrate afterwards. Before the recital we had Culvers for lunch (Noah's favorite) and after the party we had pizza for lunch. Not such a healthy day but Noah loved it.

Big breath...

...and blow! 

Noah had wanted this Obi Wan and General Grievous Star Wars Lego set for nearly a year. Each set of grandparents got him one character.

They're pretty much boy Barbies... (cough, ahem)... I mean, action figures. Four light sabers are definitely cool though. 

We are all about Star Wars in this house, obviously, and since we had just bought The Force Awakens DVD earlier that month, it seemed appropriate Noah should get a Kylo Ren action figure too. 

Crazy-eyed Evie got Noah a Stitch Infinity character. 

Noah put all three characters together that evening and played with them all the following day. 

Two days later was Noah's actual birthday, April 19. We "woke" him by singing the birthday song, as is tradition.

We had reserved one final gift for his actual birthday. 

More Kylo Ren.  

And a donut.

Since Noah's birthday fell during the school week, his teacher exempted him from school work. She was extra generous and let him play his new Infinity characters on the Wii. 

Meanwhile, Evie did her second grade testing.

Throughout the day, whenever I had a moment, I worked on a project I had wanted to do for my kids' eleventh birthdays but neglected to plan beforehand: A HARRY POTTER HOGWARTS LETTER! 

 I found the letter and font here and the signature here.

The second page of the letter. 

The third page was a nice touch. Notice wrote it? :D

The map was found here and included because it was cool. 

The train ticket came from here.

I even made my own envelope from here.

We had piano lessons that afternoon and I was able to deliver the letter right before we left.

I sent Noah to get the mail on our way out of the house. 

What is this?! 

EEEEE! I was so excited. I was grinning like I was the eleven year old getting the letter. 

Noah carefully read the whole thing. 

Noah was so confused. After he had read everything he looked over to me and was like, "Is this for real?" It was so dang innocent and sweet. "I don't think I want to leave home and go to Hogwarts..." We had a talk about how it was all just for fun. Evie was much more eager, "I hope I get a letter when I turn eleven!"

That night we had more chicken pot pie and then went to small group where we celebrated with some more cake. It was a fun day! 

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