Monday, May 2, 2016

aerating the lawn

On a Wednesday in mid-April, Terry rented an Aerator, otherwise affectionately known and dubbed as a Poopilator by my brother. As a child I never understood why my dad would do take all the time, work, and money to plug our yard and thought it was rather gross. Now that we have our own lawn it makes sense. Our lawn certainly does get tramped all over and quite compacted. In the past, before we aerated, it was July before our grass would really green up, despite regular watering. Last year it helped a ton - more than the Chem Lawn we dished out for since we thought it needed it that desperately. Turned out all we needed to do was aerate. Stinking Chem Lawn. So Terry rented the aerator a few days before it was supposed to rain and went to work:

It took a very short time for him to complete the front yard and a little longer for the backyard.

Terry got up early that morning to go and fetch the aerator and had started only when the kids had just gotten up. It was such fun for them to watch that I didn't want to pull them inside to eat breakfast. We ate outside.

I thought it looked like Ezra was at a pool. 


The trees had just started to bud. To see life returning makes my heart happy.


We had friends over yesterday who thought perhaps we needed to clean up after Snap. 

There's a man picture for you.

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