Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Awana awards night 2016

Another year of Youth Group and Awana has come and gone. The days are long but the years are fast. This year flew by!

Samuel completed his second year of Cubbies and will move on to Sparks in the fall when he starts Kindergarden (whaaaaat?!). He's in the leftmost middle row.

Evie finished her second year of Sparks and is moving up to Truth and Training next year for third grade.

Crazy Evie was quite excited with her Sparkies plaque.  

Our friends Faith and Damon's son, Henry, who is Evie's age, won the Sparks Honor Award, the same one Noah received three years ago

Last of all was Noah's turn.

He finished Truth and Training this year and is headed for sixth grade and the Youth Group next year. My mind is blown. His first year was only in 2011-2012, which he completed when we first moved back to Rapid, but wow, he's so big now! 

And finally, Ezra is graduating from the nursery and on to Cubbies next year. I will finally have no children in the nursery on Wednesday nights and I'm happy about that. I have big kids now. As soon as Ezra figures out potty training that is... 

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