Friday, May 13, 2016

getting away

For several months I've been considering how I could make it work for Terry and I to stay at our friends' (Paul and Jana) cabin. They'd told us several times that they'd love for us to stay there but I just didn't know what to do with our four kids. My chance came when Noah had an Awana overnight as a reward for all his hard work this year. Since he was going to be gone, if I could pass off the other three it could finally work. Asher was also going on the overnight so Evie stayed with his sister Elle. My parents took the two littles. Wahoo! 

After we dropped everyone off, we drove to The Alpine Inn for dinner and dessert and then on past Custer to the cabin. 

The cabin is right on the Mickelson Trail where we've gone biking for many youth trips and have even raced on it for our Marathon Relay. In fact I wanted to train there for our half marathon coming up but the weather was terrible and we didn't really have the time anyway. 

This is the view to the north and the hill to the right is where the boys played when we came up for a fun bike riding afternoon about a month ago. 

Jana and Paul are an excellent team. Paul can construct just about anything and Jana has great decorating sense. She has a sort of biking/rustic/relaxation theme going on. For example, I would have never thought to put an antique bike on the wall, but it looks totally awesome. 

This is probably my favorite thing in the cabin. The photo on the top is the view of the Mickelson Trail (which is a converted railroad) "yesterday" in 1891 and the bottom is "today."

Another rustic touch. What more do you need for a bedside table than a stump? I love it!

This sign is pretty accurate and funny. I'm fond the mason jar lights.

They used a lot of gray bug wood throughout the cabin and notably around the fireplace. I love bugwood - my brother made me a mirror framed in it two Christmases ago.

The fireplace.

We played cribbage...


Terry beat me even though I scored more points. How fair is that? We also watched Ghost Busters, which holds a special spot in my heart.

We had to leave by nine the next morning to get back to our kids but took a photo in the spitting rain before we went to breakfast in Custer. It was so great to get away. And if you want to stay at the cabin, just hit me up and I'll contact Jana for you!

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