Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Evie's actual 8th birthday

I say "actual" because we had celebrated Evie's birthday early at the ranch on Easter. Thursday, March 31 was Evie's real birthday. She quite enjoyed hearing about how daddy remembered mommy leaning on a pole during a contraction at Walmart in North Platte after I had gone into labor on a shopping trip. "I didn't know that!" she exclaimed. Less than two hours later she was born. Her birth was definitely exciting.

Daddy got up early that morning to go out and get the good donuts per her breakfast request. Her donut looked like a person!

The good thing about homeschool is you get a pass on your birthday. No one else did though. I think Evie sat around and read.

I felt bad that we didn't have any fun plans (it was crazy windy and kind of cold outside). I texted my friend Amanda to see if they'd like to join us at Outdoor Campus West where the kids could run around inside. Thankfully she didn't mind my totally last minute invite and it worked out for them to come (I'm so bad at planning these things). We picked up Samuel from preschool, got a pizza from Little Caesars, and headed inside.

Such a pretty birthday girl. Weeks before she had asked to cut her hair off but thankfully changed her mind. It's never been so long and I like it.

Evie and Abigail checking out a bobcat.

At the end of the building they have this little interactive exhibit where you can weave your own house.

But that quickly dissolved into a foam noodle war! Girls love being chased by boys, even if they're like three or six years younger. 

Sometimes homeschool is great.

Everyone else grew bored of noodle wars, but not Samuel. "My noodles." He collected them all. Look how smug he looks!

They each had to have their picture taken with this mural. Samuel.


And Noah. I like his legs and hands sticking out underneath.

Noah and Moses, the BB gun buddies

We had to drive to Piedmont afterward to pick up beef. Wahoo! 

After a bible study with Paige, I made Evie's requested dinner of chicken pot pie. Man, that was a crazy busy day!

Chow time! 

Shortly thereafter my folks came over and we had a small party for the Evester. 

We had cake still left over from Sunday so we just used it again. Ha! 

Gramma finally gave her this doll outfit she's been holding onto for a while. Evie loved it. 

It started snowing huge flakes during the party. It was such a crazy day for weather. Sun, clouds, wind, flurries, repeat. 

We gave her her first big girl Bible. 

Grampa got her another troll bead. 

Then Gramma handed out a couple of cars she had picked up for the littles. 

We had Evie close her eyes and when she opened them her big gift was before her - a comfy chair for under her loft to replace the folding chair that's been there since Christmas

We'd wanted to get her a kid sized recliner or something cute like that but didn't find anything. This small papasan-ish chair was the most comfortable thing we could find at Target. So now she has somewhere to sit and read during quiet times. And that girl loves to read. And we love that girl. Happy birthday Evie! 

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