Wednesday, April 13, 2016

headed to State

For 4H this year Noah is doing their BB gun shooting club. We meet on Monday nights and I quite enjoy taking him and watching him but I really enjoy the time on my own. It's nice to only have one child on my hands instead of four. But I digress.

While Terry and I were at D2S my dad took Noah to a 4H shooting competition here in town. Something was lost in translation however and I thought he didn't score well enough to go to the State competition; thinking he needed a 300 to qualify. Turns out all he needed was a 250 which he does the majority of the time. So next weekend we are headed to Pierre to shoot for State!

A couple weeks ago after the kids got done shooting their four positions they were given animal crackers to shoot. Awesome.

Moses and Noah - two great patriarchs. He he he.

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