Tuesday, April 5, 2016

spring cleaning 2016

Prepare yourself for a boring gardening post. I, however, love before and after photos. 

This was our deck garden area last year before I tidied up and we added a brick path

This is that same area this year before I tidied it up for spring cleaning. It's messy, but nothing like last year!

It was even better after I cleaned it all up two weeks ago on a beautiful Monday afternoon. I figured I better go for it since it was going to snow a couple days later. Most of the work involved pushing back dirt that had been dumped under the edge of the deck when we made the path. I had to majorly engage my abs to move it since it was so dry. I transplanted a few perennials, evened out the dirt levels, and then had Noah water everything. 

Lastly I went out front to trim and pull stuff up. I was so happy that my hydrangeas were showing green buds. However, after like three spring snows, they are no longer green. I hope they can come back. I've invested a lot in those blessed hydrangeas

Time to grow, plants!! 

See? Spring snowstorm two days later.

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