Wednesday, April 6, 2016

easter and a birthday for Evie

All of our kids were born in the spring...and randomly on odd days. It's been three years since Evie's birthday was combined with Easter and even though it wasn't technically her birthday (3/31) on March 27th, we combined the two celebrations anyway. 

Easter has become the one holiday where the weather and light are fair enough to take a family photo in our back yard or outside at the ranch. I did my best to coordinate our outfits so we'd look decent and not clash. Unfortunately my red and Evie's pink did just that. Oh well. Here we are getting ready while Terry set up the tripod. I like it.

Here's what we came up with. I like it a lot except for the play set in the back ground. I was hoping we'd block it like in our Ezra baby announcement riddle, but actually the play set probably wasn't set up there yet I guess. 

Next we tried the same place as last year, like below for our Christmas card.

The light and shadows were too stark, but we do look nice.

Here's the money shot.  

After we ate lunch we headed out to the ranch. Jesse and Shari were busy with his family so we just hung out until they arrived. We spent a lot of time watching the Cow Cam trying to decide and hoping that some cows would calf that afternoon.

I love that because of the time change we have more light in the evening. Even though it was nearly five o'clock, we had plenty of beautiful warm light to play in for our Easter egg hunt. This was Ezra and Sarah's first time since last year they were napping. 

Off they go!

Daddies are good helpers. 

Somebody has to help the littles while the mommy takes photos... 

This was the only photo I took of Ezra by himself. Oops. 

Wait, I got this one too. Double oops.

Terry and Jesse hid the eggs. There were several down at the bottom of the yard. 

Mind those trees! 

But even though the guys tried not to hide any too hard, we still were several short. Evie was missing two! Everyone fanned out and searched but we never did find them.

Stop and count. Nope, still short. 

It was so beautiful out. 

I like those trees. 

I made this picture my cover photo on facebook. Love it. 






Shari was due in only three weeks at this point so they are shortly to be expanding their family. Yay for more cousins!

Yeah, I love those trees.

Evie was so disappointed she was missing eggs that Terry hid two more inside. 

Going over the Resurrection Eggs. 

Cute little Dwidge. 

After a delicious supper we went into the barn to see the newest and tiniest calf. 



After we cleaned up the mess we sang to Evie and she opened a few presents. I bought the Shopkins and Jazmine doll for the grandparents to give Evie right under her nose the previous week at Target. She was so mad I wouldn't let her buy them herself. That made me mad! It worked out in the end.

The kids had cupcakes and the adults had my pecan pie. I made one because we always crave it since I made one when we were there for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I think I'll just make one every time we're all out there. Yum!

Right when we were getting ready to leave at 8pm a lovely mommy cow gave birth just so Noah and I could finally witness it. A good end to a good day. 

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