Friday, April 15, 2016

Noah and Evie's first time mountain biking

A couple months ago I was mountain biking on M Hill with Denise and Mary when we ran across our friend Matt and his daughter Michaela who were also mountain biking. I was just floored by the sight because Michaela is as old as Evie (eight) and I had never considered her old enough to learn. Matt proved otherwise. 

Fast forward a couple months to last weekend when Terry and Matt made plans to take our older kids mountain biking for their first time

They went to M Hill.

I think this is at the beginning of their ride after they've come up the steepest part. After that they kept to the base of the hill.

Evie and Michaela.

Terry said he was very impressed by how well the kids did. I had no idea how they'd handle it. For me it's incredibly difficult and challenging. It can be so hard! But they did great I guess! 

I love living here. 

Noah rode my bike so Evie could ride his. Terry said today that Noah, "bossed" that bike. He handled it like a boss. Therefore, he's ready for a full sized bike. This summer we will move everybody up a bike and maybe (fingers crossed) get Terry and I a new bike to share.  I bought ours in 2007 shortly after we moved to Gburg. They're quite old now.

Here is Evie on Noah's bike, which is only two years old. He will be able to ride mine on the Middle School bike trip this summer. It is simply CRAZY that Noah will be a middle schooler next year. My oh my oh my...

A hour and a half later they were done. They loved it; had a great time.  

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