Wednesday, September 15, 2010

clean? sandbox

When we bought this house it came complete with it's own sand/litter box in the back yard. Indeed, the kids used to play in it quite a bit while we were renovating and it was mostly a weed pile. The kids had completely forgotten about playing there until Terry weed-whacked all the messy weeds down. At that point, being pregnant, I was concerned with the kids playing in a previous litter box - we had been warned that Rick and Shelli's outdoor cat used the sand as it's favorite bathroom spot...

Here is the sand box with play area above it.

You might notice that Terry is shoveling. I pretty much begged him to remove "most" of the sand, at the least, and then he could get more sand later if he wanted. I even bargained. I picked up Snap's bathroom grass area =) But notice how high the sand is...

See how high the sand is on the far side? Terry pushed a lot of it over there and then removed like 6-10 inches.

Luke (pictured) and Jon showed up after a cross country meet and lent a hand.

Oh yeah, this is Terry's new trailer for hauling off our grass and tree branches, plus all the other things that come with home ownership... He was a little concerned b/c the weight limit of the trailer is one ton. Pretty sure there was more weight than that here, but they made it alright. Used the sand to fill in some areas in the gravel road at the building.

Noah was free to play in the sand when they were done. I'm mostly feeling good about it though we still need something to put over the sand to keep more cats from using it... Oh, and notice the dark line on the wood? That's how much sand Terry removed...

Evie woke up from her nap!

And don't worry. Both kids had a good scrub down as soon as they were done playing. They even changed clothes.

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