Thursday, September 23, 2010

harvest festival 4

This year brought our 4th experience with the Harvest Festival. It's funny b/c every year we take less and less photos. Besides getting used to things, it was a dreadful day for a parade. It was all overcast, drizzly and you could even see your breath! I was supposed to hand out water for MOPS but there was hardly anyone out and even those didn't really want any water. Hot chocolate would have gone over much better!

It was also a terrible day for Terry and the youth group to put on a fundraiser, but they did =). Terry set up these kids games and the students helped the little kids to play them, all in the drizzle and rain. Besides two or more hours of that, Terry was dunked in the speech team's water tank again this year. I didn't venture out to take photos, but he said it was much warmer in the water than when he had to climb out again!

Anyway, Terry's aunt and uncle (over my left shoulder), live on Lake Avenue, the parade route, so we have prime seats all ready for us. Evie was not into the parade for like the first half. She just wanted to sit with me. She finally got around to getting up and grabbing her own candy though.

She loved this blue sucker, though it made her look pretty sick since it was so cold.


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