Friday, September 3, 2010

week 19

So today, Friday, according to my correct calculations (b/c I'm awesome and know all about these baby things b/c I think it's even more awesome), I begin week 19. I've been feeling really good and have no complaints. I've been gaining more steadily lately so feel less "fat", like I previously felt. Yay! Also, last week Terry felt the baby move for the first time so that was quite exciting. It's still early so I don't feel the baby all the time, just when I'm still. Or perhaps this baby is less active... I dunno.

Next week should be the mid-pregnancy ultrasound but we postponed in order to have our preferred doc. So week 21 will bring that event - Sept 14th. Can't wait to see baby and NOT find out the gender =)

This is from emails I get. Interesting comparison - baby is the size of a mango or a large heirloom tomato. My sister also said that at this point, the baby is about the size of a juice box they have at Mt. Rushmore. So there you go!

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