Monday, September 6, 2010

preschool x 2

You know, teaching was never, ever, ever a career I considered. Never, and I'm totally serious. I'm just not one of those "sweet" women who are so patient and kind and nice and good with kids. I'm just more, I dunno, me. So, would it be surprising that we are going to home school our kids?

I have a friend that says she knows she's called to homeschooling. I don't feel called, more like compelled or convicted. So we're giving it a shot. I've been doing "school" stuff with Noah since he was 3 and now that he's 5, we thought he'd be starting kindergarten this year. But we decided to hold off a year. We feel good about it. Plus, we still had lots of preschool stuff that we didn't get through last year due to our leisurely pace and our move.

Anyway, I still don't feel like a teacher (nor will I ever probably), but I found myself feeling pretty proud of my boy when he wrote his letters on the white board better than I anticipated he would. And that inspired me to "try" a little harder to make the dungeon look a little more like a school room...

So this is the view when you look around the corner, to the right of the stairs. We hung a world map and I set up a table and chairs in lieu of actual desks that we'll be getting soon...eventually. Oh, and that open door leads to the stairs that go up to the garage. I vacuum it every day (bugs!) and open it to get some fresh air down there b/c otherwise, none would ever come.

My letters on top. Noah's on the bottom.

Not bad eh?!!!! I'm so proud =)

We got the chalk board from Terry's folks and it's coming in useful for Evie to play on.

Here's the world map. I plan on pinning all the places where we have missionary friends or children we support.

And here's the view to the other side of the room. There's a map of the US, which comes in handy to convey to Noah's distances to Gramma's, etc. I also cleaned up a lot of the clutter down here. I'm feeling good about it, though it is probably pretty lame =)


  1. Kudos to you, Eva! I am impressed--and think what you are doing is great. Your kids will never regret the time they have with you.

    Julie Rickertsen