Thursday, September 9, 2010

half way point

I didn't end up having to work today, Thursday, and since Terry had a pretty laid back work day, I decided to call the OB clinic and see if I could get in a few days early for my 20 week ultrasound. We were able to get in, but with a different doctor, who we actually enjoyed. He delivered Evie as well!

Anyway, this check-up was somewhat significant for us b/c we were praying that everything holding the baby "in" would be normal. And thank the Lord it was! Yay!

Also, the baby looks very healthy - four chambered heart, three vessel cord, everything in place as it should be. The baby is pretty quiet, didn't move around a whole lot, which the doc said he wasn't complaining about. I think this child might be more calm (?) than Noah and Evie but we shall see...

So since measurement pictures photos of bellies, heads and bladders aren't that fun to look at, I thought I'd post some that you might be able to recognize as a baby.

This one is the best. You'll see the doc labeled it "praying hands." Just imagine you're looking down from above. You can see the round head and then the two floating arms and hands that come together like they're praying =)

"Big foot," a shot of one foot laying on it's side.

Here is a 3D shot of the feet. Can you see them?

Here's a pretty good back view shot. It's still amazing to me that there's a little person inside of me! Look at all those bones!

Oh, and I almost forgot the most important part. We're having an IT!

We did not find out the gender, peeps, and I'm so excited about it (both the baby IT and the eventual surprise)!

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  1. Hey cute pregnant lady! Glad the appointment went well. Baby Biers looks great! : ) We are excited to meet him/her in January.